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In situ curtain and drapery cleaning

Curtains cleaned insitu MUST be dry cleaned, not steam cleaned. Curtains that are steam cleaned and even curtains that are dry cleaned in traditional dry cleaning outlets run the risk of shrinkage.

Serv3 Curtain Dry Detail
Inspection, vacuum & spotting

The drapes and pelmets are all vacuumed and checked for tears and stains. Spots and stains are then removed.

Prespray and brushing

Once we have vacuumed and removed any stains, the curtains are presprayed and soiled areas are brushed with a soft horse hair brush to dissolve ground in soiling commonly found on drops near windows or doors.

Dry cleaning

After leaving the prespray to dwell on the drapes, we will commence the dry cleaning of the curtains, removing the soiling.

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