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Concrete Cleaning & Polishing

Carpet Cleaners Of Ivanhoe are experts at maintaining concrete surfaces.

Internal concrete floors

Internal concrete floors require regular maintenance. Concrete floors should be professionally cleaned regularly and stain protection should also be applied post cleaning. Protection for concrete floors is critical as concrete is a porous material and liquid spills which can stain carpet - fruit juice, beetroot, foodstuffs, coffee, tea - can also permanently stain concrete.

We recommend bi annual professional cleaning and resealing of all internal concrete floors.

Serv8 Concrete Detail

Using neutral pH cleaning agents, the surfaces are gently wash cleaned using gently abrasive cleaning equipment. Once cleaned, the floors are rinsed using heated water with a neutral rinsing agent via a self capturing machine.

The surfaces are next dried and finally sealed by hand using rollers or mops. The floors are ready to use again after 2 hours of curing. The concrete surfaces can also be polished to a shiny finish.

Concrete floors can also be rejuvenated by grinding the surface to remove the top layer using dustless grinding equipment. They can be resealed, left raw, coloured, stained.

External concrete driveways and pathways

These are best cleaned using high pressure heated water after first presoaking with the appropriate detergent. Again, the concrete can be sealed after cleaning to guard against staining and overall degradation. Cleaned concrete surfaces can also be coloured.

Our professional concrete cleaning equipment is the best in the industry and our operators are all trained in concrete restoration and stain removal.

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