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Carpet Repairs Melbourne

Split seams

One of the most common problems surrounding carpet is split seams. This generally occurs as a carpet ages and the glue that adheres the carpet together at the seam weakens - and the seam separates.

We can easily repair all split seams.

Carpet Repairs
Stretched Carpet

Common enough, stretched carpet is also common as a carpet ages and stretches. It is also a sign that the carpet was not laid correctly in the first instance.

Using professional carpet stretching equipment, we can easily repair this for you.

Shrunken Carpet

Carpet can shrink or retract away from the carpet gripper which holds it in place against the wall. Using carpet restretching equipment, we can repair this for you.

Holes, Tears, Rips, Burns

Generally, patching is required to repair these problems. Provided there is some excess carpet we can restore the carpet to close to original condition.

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Our investment in the best equipment available, cleans your carpet more thoroughly, leaves your carpet drier and uses less water.

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